Virtual Lectures

Take a dive into our​ virtual lectures - or customize your own! These tours will take you into some of the best museums in the world, and bring them to life!

Check out the "Read More" section to get a quote, and to learn how this tour can be good for your family, school, community or event.

What does Jerusalem mean to me?

Why is everyone talking about Jerusalem? Can we get beyond politics? Yes we can. This talk is given by a local from the Old City of Jerusalem, with lots of cool stories.

45 min - 1.5 hours

Spiral of Time

Lost in time? Too many Jewish holidays? Is there method to this madness? Learn about the Spiral of Time - a new way to look at the Jewish year.

45 min - 1.5 hours

The Power of the Place

What is the value of a story? Why does it matter where it happened? Bring Tanach and Jewish History to life through a unique map which was made specially for this purpose.

45 min - Full day workshop

The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet

Learn how to write your name in Ancient Hebrew, read the text in famous archaeological discoveries, and learn the exciting history of the development of letters and language

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