Nachliel Selavan, M.Ed
"The Museum Guy"

Nachliel Selavan, 38, is originally from Jerusalem’s Old City. He’s a creative Jewish educator, who brings Jewish History and Jewish Learning to life through museums tours, videos, virtual tours, podcasts and lectures.


Nachliel moved back to Israel in March 2020, after seven years of teaching full-time in the United States (2013-2020), developing his unique and engaging method of learning Torah through tour, travel and archaeology.

During his undergraduate degree studies in Tanach and Mass-Communications at Lifshitz Teachers College, Nachliel hosted a local weekly radio show on 101.6 FM. Nachliel has engaged and taught thousands of students in both formal and non-formal settings (including Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art), as well as organizing and coordinating large and small scale events, community programs and group visits in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.

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Formally, Nachliel has taught Tanach, Jewish History and Communications in several Jerusalem schools such as Rappaport Boys School, Dugma-Uziel, and Meled High School. Nachliel worked as an elementary and middle school teacher at Barkai Yeshivah in Brooklyn, NY, for the 2014 school year, partaking in the JNTP teacher training program. He served as Middle School Head of Judaic Studies in Netivot, the Montessori Yeshiva in East Brunswick, NJ, for the 2015-16 school years. In the summer of 2015 as Chinuch Director he ran the Torah learning and activities of Vacation Village Day Camp, while in Summer 2016 he participated in several biblical period excavations in Israel, translating the experience and learning into educational presentations with the support and participation of the site archaeologists. In the year 2017, Nachliel was head Middle School teacher in Nefesh Yehudi Academy in East Brunswick, NJ. He taught modern Jewish History in Joe and Celia Esses Magen David Yeshivah High School, in the school years 2018-2020, and in Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership in 2018-2019. Both are in Flatbush, NY.

He has completed his first MA through the Melton Blended Masters in Jewish Education, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is studying for his second MA in Ancient Jewish History at Bernard Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University, in 2018-2020. Nachliel intends to continue his studies towards a Ph.D in the near future.

Nachliel created and delivered an integrated learning and museum tour program for both school and adult educational settings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has hosted similar pilot visits to museums in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Toronto, Moscow, London and Jerusalem. He also teaches and engages audiences through social media and has recently completed a Tanach Study podcast called Parasha Study Plus, delivering a weekly episode of Archaeology on the Parasha, and is now on his second podcast Artifact Podcast and a YouTube series called Archaeology Snapshot, covering every book in Tanach from an historic-archaeological perspective.

Since the reopening of the museums in Israel, Nachliel is back - roaming the galleries of the Israel Museum and other museums. In the summer he guided a tour called "What was Herzl's Favorite Emoji?" and it is still available privately. His current seasonal public tour is called "Avraham's Journey: From the Ancient Near East to the Middle East". You can check out the schedule - separate in Hebrew and English - under upcoming tours on the menu or at this link. He offers periodic virtual tours as well, and manages social media accounts on instagram, facebook and more, where he posts about his many interests.