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Public Tour - A Winter's Tale
Public Tour - A Winter's Tale

Time is TBD



Public Tour - A Winter's Tale

This is a tale of Winter. We will explore final holidays of the year: Tu Bishvat, 10th of Tevet. Special attention is given to the two holidays formed in Exile: Hanukkah and Purim which, in a way, have relevance beyond all the other holidays.

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Time & Location

Time is TBD

Jerusalem, Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21, Jerusalem, 9104601, Israel

About the Event

Did you know that Tu Bishvat was an ancient celebration in Sumer, in the time of Avraham Avinu? 

Not only was it an eight-day festival (sound familiar?), but it was related to determining if the year would be a leap year with two Adaru months, or just one. Now putting aside for a moment the names of the months, which we know come from Babylon and Mesopotamia, there is way too much similarity here to the Jewish holidays to ignore this.  

A Winter’s Tale is about the final holidays of the Jewish year and occur in the winter:  The holiday of Tu Bishvat, and then the fast of 10th Tevet, Hanukkah and Purim, which connect to historic events from the Second Temple period. Purim took place in the Persian Empire, in the city of Susa. 10th Tevet was under the Ptolemaic-Egyptian Greeks, and Chanukah with the Seleucid-Syrian Greek Empire. These final holidays of the Jewish Year are a preparation for Passover, and play a unique role in the development of the Nation of Israel. 

Inspired by Mark Helprin’s book title, A Winter’s Tale (1983), this tour examines key ideas from the history and archaeology of these periods, with an emphasis on their philosophical relevance to Jewish identity.  What is the role of these holidays at the end of the Jewish year? And how is this placement a preparation for our rebirth as a nation in the Exodus, encountered in the upcoming holiday of Passover?

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You probably have questions about getting to the museum, where to meet, prices and other questions. 

Please pay attention to the information in this description, as well as in the ticket descriptions and confirmation emails. It was written with you in mind to prepare you for the best experience possible and to avoid confusion and frustration. Thank you. 

There are several different ticket options, and they all include a discounted admission fee. You do not pay twice. Please pay attention to the detailed ticket menu. The Bible Lands Museum is directly across the Israel Museum, which means that Google Maps / Waze will find the Israel Museum, and you should look for the Bible Lands Museum across the large parking lot, on Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21. 

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Thank you for your understanding.  


This tour is approximately 2 hours in the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem.


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