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שאלות נפוצות

כאן תמצאו תשובות לשאלות נפוצות לגבי אילו סיורים ותוכניות אני מציע, לוגיסטיקה ומדיניות, מידע ליצירת קשר והזמנות ועוד.

Do you offer private tours?

Private Tours

Yes, I offer private tours tailored to individual preferences. These can be in the museum or virtual.

How do I book a private tour with you?


Contact me via WhatsApp/Mobile/email or the contact form on my homepage

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation made 48 hours before the tour will be fully refunded. 50% refund for cancellations made within 48 hours.

Do you do Bar/Mat Mitzvah tours?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Yes, I do. I offer several different programs, including classes on zoom, private lessons, tours and presentations by me or the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I can prepare them to speak about a topic or guide a tour in a museum, even without being there myself. For example, if you are in England, I can prepare your son/daughter on guiding a tour in the British Museum through a virtual prep session, while I'm in Israel.

What is the maximum group size for a tour?

Tour Size

The maximum group size for a tour is 35-40 people.

What age are your tours appropriate for?

Age Appropritate

From ages 5-6 and up. My tours are geared towards either families with kids, just adults, or somewhere in between. Public tours are usually either family oriented or adults, and private tours are more flexible.

How do you collect payments?


Depends on whether this is a public or private tour. When you sign up for a public tour, my website allows CC and Bit (PayPal is currently not available because of the high commission). Otherwise: I accept cash, credit card, checks, and payment Apps in Israel and the US - PayBox, Bit, Venmo, Ca$hApp, Zelle, QuickPay. In the US I can accept CC payments on a device, in Israel I have to send you an invoice which you can pay online.

Can we bring food into the museum?


Most museums have a cafeteria, an area you can bring your own food or purchase snacks. However, some museums don't allow food into the museum, even if it's closed snacks. There are ways around this, and I recommend you touch base with me before your tour for specific recommendations

Do you do other sites, outside of the museum?

Tours outside the Museum

Sometimes. I am not a licensed tour guide but a historican, educator, and museum-expert. Legally I am not allowed to conduct tours, but I am allowed to prepare educational programs on sites. I have prepared several progarms in Lachish, Megiddo, and other sites. I am also a native of the Old City of Jerusalem and would be happy to guide you through the streetrs, rooftors and hidden stories of the Old City, but without the admission sites e.g. the City of David, Western Wall Tunnels, etc.

I'm a member. Do I still have to pay admission?


Yes. Museums require that all participants on a tour that is independent of the museum, pay the full admission (usually discounted with guide). This includes memberships and other discounts or deals the museum usually offers. This is true in most museums I guide (the Israel Museum, Bible Lands Museum, the Met), and there is rarely a way around this. Note that this is supporting the museum, and also has benefits towards groups. It means you have a special admission area and do not need to wait in very long lines, and have other special benefits.

How do we get to the museum?


Each museum has public transportation and most have a nearby parking lot, some are free (like the Israel Museum), some not (like the Met). I include a Google Maps location on my events to allow you to click on it and plan your arrival using public or private transportation. I usually provide information when you sign up.
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