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Virtual Tours for Homeschool Kids

What are the classes about?

In short: History, Tanakh, Art and Culture.

These virtual tours for homeschool kids cover a wide variety of subjects: History and archaeology, museums, architecture, art and culture, Tanakh and Jewish studies, inventions and discoveries, important people and gripping stories.

My storytelling engages children in hour-long sessions, with my unique interdisciplinary approach which at its core is about love of history, curiosity and livelong learning. My classes hold the interest of children of all ages from multiple backgrounds and educational levels.

The classes are currently in Hebrew, and I am hoping to begin teaching in English, possibly in more convenient times for families in the East Coast. To fine out more, please contact me.

Can we watch a free sample?

Yes, absolutely! I added a playlist below of a few sample videos, a few are in English, most are in Hebrew. You can scroll down or click here.

Things you might ask:

  • Every class takes place live twice: Sun & Tue 10:00am.

  • Currently the Hebrew classe are for ages 6-12. Options for older kids available, contact me.

  • 45 per meeting (with recording). No commitment to other meetings.

  • Recordings from last year ₪40. Extra 10% off for any 10 recordings (combos as well).

  • Sign up in the schedule below, or main calendar.

  • Signing in to the classes requires log in with your username and password to your zoom account. Otherwise you will not be able to enter the meeting. This is a security measure against zoom bombing.

  • Click here or scroll down for last year's topics. For any recording - contact me.

Updates are available:

  1. On the WhatsApp Group. To join click the button below.

  2. On the Google Calendar, which I update regularly. Every event has relevant links. To add this to your Google Calendar, click the button below.

Class Schedule

Registration is to one event at a time.

Most classes appear on both Sundays and Tuesdays. Check the date!

The zoom link will be sent automatically to you email, please look out for it.

All previous sessions from this and last year:

Recordings from this year are ₪45 ($13), 10% off for 10 sessions of your choice.

Recordings from last year are ₪40, 10% off for 10 sessions of your choice.

To order contact me directly via WhatsApp here or 929-233-0950

Free Virtual Tours for you.
Scroll through these and enjoy!