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Pesach Museum Tours

Pesach is around the corner and there's so much to do in Jerusalem. Where do we begin?​​


With a family museum tour, of course!


Ma Nishtana?

How is the guided museum tour unique? There are plenty of fun activities to consider on Pesach: Enjoy the holiday with the best Jerusalem has to offer. But to understand the essence of this holiday - to connect your family to our roots in an engaging way, you need to revisit Ancient Egypt.

Museums hold a microcosm of Israel’s rich history and land—under one roof! With an expert guide, a museum can reveal these treasures to you. Connecting the dots between our history, art, archaeology and more in a fun and entertaining way, is what I do. Make your trip not only enjoyable but also educational and impactful. 

Check out the select tours I recommend for this season below. You may book directly through each item, or contact me directly through my contact information or the form below.

Nachliel Selavan "The Museum Guy"

E-mail: WhatsApp +972-54-452-0209

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