Avraham's Journey

Avraham’s journey is mentioned every day in the morning services (pesukei d’zimra / zemirot). His journey, which takes him through the centers of civilization at the time, leads him to Egypt - and to a promise of an Exodus whose importance cannot be overstated.
Why are the departure from Ur and Exodus from Egypt so important to us?
This tour explores those questions through the history and archaeology of those world powers, and makes some exciting discoveries about the Land of Israel.

Target Audience:

Schools, community, general audience. Very relevant for Jewish studies curriculum

Related to:

Bereshit, Avraham Avinu, Philosophy, Freedom and Slavery, Land of Israel

Ancient Near East, Cradle of Civilization, Urban Revolution, Egypt’s Middle Kingdom.


~2 hours

Price Range (*Private)


Our family joined his Avraham’s Journey tour in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The kids were enthralled and the stories from the Torah came alive!

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Founder, Shabbat.com

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