Customize Your Virtual Experience

This is where you get to be really creative. You can customize a single tour, a series of tours or lectures, as well as workshops and study programs for classrooms or individual students. We have tailored tours for the Jewish Teen Festival, for National Bible Contest participants, and for students researching installation art and anthropology. The sky is the limit!

A few examples of tailored museum/virtual tours, lectures and personalized study programs, include:

* Mysteries of Jewish History in the Israel Museum
* Highlights of Jewish History in the British Museum
* Research programs for students’ building portfolios and applying for college, in the fields of Art and Anthropology
* 5-part series on the First Temple Period
* An Unlikely Alliance? The King of Judah and the Black Pharaohs
* Thought the Eyes of the Enemy: The Kings you Thought you Knew
* Passover and the Land of Israel
* Yavneh - The Four Words that Saved Am Yisrael

Target Audience:

Tailored to your needs, be it school, family, adult learning or community event

Related to:



~2 hours

Price Range (*Private)


Our Jewish History tours of the Met were just fabulous and a highlight of our year! Nachliel Selavan, the educator who led the tours, is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and highly entertaining. He knows how to engage the students and keep their attention...I cannot recommend these tours highly enough!

Mrs. Miriam Wielgus

Jewish History Chair, Joel Braverman Yeshivah of Flatbush High School

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