In the Days of Achashverosh

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The Persian Period is a mysterious period in Jewish History - it includes many fascinating details and unanswered questions. This virtual tour will follow some of these mysteries, and bring to life the story of the Megillah through visiting the domain of the Achaemenid Persian Kings of Kings - in Susa, Persepolis, Pasargadae. We will explore some of their respective discoveries that are on display in famous museums around the world - such as the Cyrus Cylinder, and the abundant gold and silver treasures of this luxurious empire.

The aim of this virtual tour is to enhance your appreciation of the story of Purim, and to see aspects of the story come to life through seeing the artifacts and locations from the Persian Empire.

Check out the public tour schedule. If you would like to arrange a public tour or a private tour at another time, please contact us through the form.

Target Audience:

This tour is aimed for families, adults and children (age 10+) alike.

Related to:

Purim; Esther; The Persian Exile; Second Temple Period.

The Achaemenid Persian Empire; Cyrus the Great and his proclamation; multiculturalism.


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45 min - 1.5 hours

Price Range (*Private)


For kids participating in the Chidon Ha’Tanach who had spent their entire year immersed in dozens of chapters of Tanach, the Tanach Tour conducted by Nachliel was the perfect experience. He brought the texts that they had learned to life in an entirely new way. Students loved the energy in and excitement he brought to the tour. We’re excited to continue to partner with his Tanach Tours in the future!”

Rabbi Dovi Nadel

Coordinator, National Bible Contest
The Jewish Agency for Israel

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