Israel and Judah during the First Temple Period

This tour examines highlights of archaeology from the First Temple Period (""the Monarchy""), primarily through the collections in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

This program shows some key discoveries related to important biblical stories and figures: Philistines, Phoenicians, Arameans, early contact with Assyria, King David, Ezekiah and more. Many verses will come to life, and it will significantly enhance the classical texts we study in the classroom.

Target Audience:

Schools, communities and adult learning, general audience. Very relevant for Jewish middle school and high school curriculum

Related to:

First Temple Period (Bayit Rishon), Melachim, Yirmiyahu, Yeshayahu, etc.; Idolatry; Ancient Hebrew Writing; The Unified Monarchy and the Split into two Kingdoms.

Regional Kingdoms and Empires of the Iron Age: Aram, Phoenicia, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon; Economic, geopolitical relationships in the Ancient Near East.


~2 hours

Price Range (*Private)


We stood in the corridor of an Assyrian throne room experiencing what the Jewish kings must have felt during the time of Sennacherib. And then we began our journey in the world of Nebuchadnezzar…It was truly a journey through the four kingdoms and one I will continue to explore…

Rabbi David Bibi

Senior Rabbi Benai Asher of Long Beach
Resident Scholar Edmond J. Safra Synagogue Manhattan

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