Israel Snapshot

Next Public Tour (₪37 / ~$10)

Would you like to know Israel better, firsthand, from Israelis?

Would you like to be part of a community of people who love Israel, love to learn, love history and museums?

Israel Snapshot is made for you!

Come visit the country from a different perspective, with stories and history, museums and fun.

Israel Snapshot is not just a one-time virtual tour.
We are a community of people who want to connect and learn more; it includes live-streamed sessions form the streets of Jerusalem, Q&As with Nachliel and other interesting guests, and also virtual tours which you can take part in choosing.

How to get involved? Join our community - Israel Snapshot is on the Happs app; - the app broadcasts to instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and enables you to be a player and not just an observer.
You can also join our growing Facebook community “Museums, Fun & Learning” by using the link below and answering the entry questions. This group will also enable you

Check out the links below for the next upcoming public tour, and all other upcoming events.

Target Audience:

Enthusiastic learners

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My wife and I joined Nachliel's tour and had a great experience. He's incredibly knowledgeable both with regard to the history and the museum. He was energetic, very interactive and brought history to life.
Would absolutely do it again.

Maurice L.

Dec 24, 2017

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