Leaving Egypt in the 21st Century

Learn about Herod the Great and how he rebuilt Jerusalem's Temple to rival the greatests temples in the Roman world. From the Fall of Jerusalem to the Fall of Beitar, there are very important lessons to learn from the coins, statues, structures and items that have been found from this period. In the end, we will see how some of them inspired the artists of the 19-20th centuries, as they envisioned the revival of the people of Israel in their homeland.

Target Audience:

Schools, communities and adult learning, general audience. Very relevant for Jewish studies curriculum

Related to:

Shemot; Passover and the Exodus; Philosophy, National Identity, Slavery and Freedom; the Land of Israel.

Ancient Egypt; the Nile; Mythology.


~2 hours

Price Range (*Private)


Nachliel connected between the archaeological artifact and the Exodus story in a professional and exciting way, while displaying impressive scientific, historic and archaeological background knowledge, and fluency in Tanach and Talmudic literature. Nachliel did it with a unique sweetness, engaging the crowd and adapting the content to the various age groups. The tour for us was a wonderful and innovative preparation, and thought-provoking; in advance of the Passover holiday.

Rabbi Baruch Gigi and Rabbi Amnon Bazak

Yeshivat Har Etzion

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