Museum Highlights

Do you love museums, but not know where to begin? You want to excite your family, but they find it boring? This is the tour for you!

Museum Highlights offers a smorgasbord of art and artifacts which will take you through one museum at a time, but through thousands of years of human history. This tour is dynamic, and is tailored based on your needs as well as the available collections and exhibitions in the musuem. As a virtual tour, it can be tailored to include several museums if you so wish!

Target Audience:

Tailored to your needs, be it school, family, adult learning or community event

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~1.5 - 2 hours

Price Range (*Private)


I want to recommend Mr. Nachliel Selavan who has developed an entertaining and informative program giving meaning to artifacts from the Ancient Near East in various museums in the North America. I have taken his guided tour at the Boston Museum for the Fine Arts and enjoyed every minute of it.

Professor Aaron Demsky (retired)

History of Ancient Israel
Director, Project for the Study of Jewish Names
Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry, Bar Ilan University

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