Museum Tours for Kids

Next Public Tour (₪37 / ~$10)

Kids at home and climbing up the walls?

Travel restrictions driving you crazy?

Let’s do something different! Join me for a virtual experience that will engage your kids in fun and learning through google earth, museums, and Jewish history.

The kids museum tour is designed to engage children in topics in general and Jewish history, through using google earth, pictures and videos, and conversation. Children are encourage to be involved, to speak up, tell stories, or interact with other children in different ways.

And even if you kids are shy, it will be fun to watch and learn. The topic of this virtual tour changes, and the details are updated in the “upcoming events” page, under “Museum Tours for Kids”.

The links below will direct you to the next upcoming public tour, and to all of the next upcoming events, including unrelated events. If you go to the upcoming events page, look out for the specific event you are interested in.

Target Audience:

Children ages 7+

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Nachliel facilitated a fantastic tour for us on a very busy Sunday in the Met. His presentation was thorough and engaging and the two hours flew by. As a former teacher, I was particularly impressed with his ability to differentiate the content for our diverse group of participants with ages ranging from 7 to 55+ years old…His jokes were on point but more important, his interpretation and retelling of history was relatable to each and everyone of us. We connected to the exhibits and considered the implications of what stood before us in ways we never did before…

E. Sutton

Educator, Brooklyn NY

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