Spiral of Time

The Jewish year has several components to it, and sometimes it's hard to make the trees out of the forest. Some holidays relate to agriculture, some to Biblical historic events and some to later events; some events took place in more recent history, but are attributed to themes in the nature of time.
Time is circular, but also progressive - a spiral of time in which we return to the same point, from a different vantage point. This presentation explores some of the fundamental themes in Jewish thought about time itself, and examines our role as individuals and as a nation, in the spiral of time.

Target Audience:

Community and adult learning. Some background in the Jewish holidays is helpful

Related to:

Understanding the Jewish Calendar, holidays, and agricultural elements.


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I liked seeing the visual of all of the holidays spread out in order...It was a relaxed environment which I enjoyed, and I thought he taught well!

Ms. Leila Gordon

Holiday Co-chair of Rutgers Hillel Student Board

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