The Power of the Place

Using Foundation Stone’s unique De’Ara Tanach Map and Herzog's Hatanakh website, the Power of the Place presents a unique tool for giving context to the text of Jewish History.

Many stories of Tanach and Jewish History come to life and have new meaning once they are anchored in their geographical setting.

This program is designed to be a standalone lecture, activity, short or full day workshop for educators. It has been presented in national Tanach conferences, delivered as a lecture to many communities, and as an interactive booth - to young participants in the National Chidon Tanach in the US. It has empowered several Tanach teachers in Moscow, and the US, to better prepare lessons and engage their students, through putting their stories on the map.

Target Audience:

Educators and Tanach teachers (workshop), communities and adult learning (lecture)

Related to:

Directions and orientation of Tanach; Key stories and concepts in understanding routes; many possible stories as examples of exercises.


Price Range (*Private)


I have been running Jewish outreach programs in Miami for over a decade. Nachliel Selavan gave our students a passionate, articulate, and content packed presentation. His ability to bring the ancient world of the Jewish people to life is truly impressive. His classes were very effective at engaging our students, and giving them a thirst for more Jewish learning!

Rabbi Saj Freiberg

Outreach Director, YEHUDI, Miami, FL

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