What does Jerusalem mean to me?

What does Jerusalem mean to me?” is a presentation about Jerusalem, through he eyes of an Old City resident, with a message of unity.

Through archaeology relating to my hometown of Jerusalem, we engage in a story of Jerusalem from its origins as a Jewish city in the time of King David, with highlights of conflict throughout its history, until its eventual destruction by the Romans.

The main story I present is the conflict between King Hezekiah and Sennacherib (ca. 687-701 BCE). This conflict had a tremendous impact on the kingdom of Judah: It was almost entirely destroyed by Sennacherib, shortly after the remaining inhabitants of the Kingdom of Israel were exiled, leaving Judah small, vulnerable, and all alone.

During Sennacherib’s campaign to Judah (ca. 701 BCE), the mighty city of Lachish was destroyed.

Target Audience:

Community and adult learning. Some background about Jerusalem is helpful

Related to:

History of Jerusalem in the First and Second Temple periods; Yom Yerushalayim; Hezekiah; Sennacherib;

The Assyrian Empire.


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We had Nachliel come to our campus and teach two groups of 30 + Rutgers students, most with limited Jewish background. The presentation was very well received and got great reviews from our students.
Nachliel really brought Tanach to life and made the students feel a powerful connection to Yerushalayim

Rabbi Meir Goldberg

Meor Rutgers Jewish Xperience

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