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Exclusive Virtual Tours

This page is going under construction soon.

Welcome to our new exciting product! This is not a recorded zoom tour that you missed. Rather, this is a pre-recorded, highly edited and beautifully created experience for you.

Below are a few free samples of previous tours, edited to give you a sample. Stay tuned for a sample of the new experience, and subscribe to our mailing list to get those notifications to your mailbow.

How does it work?

When you pay for the videos, you will have 72 hours to watch them.

This is for individuals only. Institutions, communities, audiences, have a different rate than a private viewing. All of this and more information will be posted here shortly. We are working tirelessly to enable these new features.

A Virtual Tour to Ancient Persia

A Virtual Tour to Ancient Persia

Watch Preview
Rent ₪45

Guest videos, Happs, and other goodies

Sample videos - explore for more!

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