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Nachliel Selavan, M.Ed

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Who Am I?

My name is Nachliel Selavan, 40 (married +1), born and raised in Jerusalem’s Old City. My father’s grandfather came to Israel as a Third Aliya pioneer and helped found Seminar haKibbutzim. My mother’s father escaped the Holocaust in Germany and helped build the Atlanta Jewish community. My parents met in Israel and thanks to them both English and Hebrew are my mother-tongues. My family history and Jerusalem childhood shaped my personality, and I bring all this history with me into the museum.

I currently live in Israel and travel to museums a few times a year.

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My Education

I double majored in Tanakh and Mass-Media with my teachers’ degree. After an MA from the Hebrew University’s Melton School of Jewish Education I continued to a second MA in Ancient Jewish History from Yeshiva University. My journey and studies have enriched me in Tanakh and the Land of Israel’s History and Archaeology.

I’ve engaged thousands of students in formal and informal educational settings.

Between 2009-2013 I taught formally Tanach, History, Jewish Studies and Communications in elementary and high schools in Israel, including: Dugma-Uziel, Meled and Rappaport. Between 2013-2020 I taught in Jewish schools in the US, including Barkai and Magen David Yeshivah in NY, and in Netivot Montessori in NJ.


During my US stay I engaged the Jewish community throughout the country, guided educational programs, lectures and tours for Jewish schools, organizations and institutions including the WZO, National Bible Contest USA, Israel Bonds, the Jewish Agency and the UJA Federation of NY.


I currently teach part-time in a high school in Israel.

I’ve developed a unique approach: Hands-on learning and enrichment through museums and sTOURytelling™. 

My unique approach to guiding museum tours and storytelling combines a broad knowledge in Tanakh, Jewish History, art and other disciplines, engaging visitors with the museum's treasures in an exciting and enthralling way.

In recent years I live and breath museums

Beginning in 2015 until today I guide museum tours in the USA, Europe and Israel. Since the Israel Museum reopened to visitors after the Covid pandemic, I’ve returned to the halls of the museum and its treasures, guiding groups and individuals through tours about a wide range of seasonal and constantly new topics. My tours include topics such as “What was Herzl’s Favorite Emoji?”, “

The Third Side of the Coin”, “Fit For the King's Table”, as well as many virtual tours and a few self-guided tours in the Met and the Israel Museum.

Visit my public tour calendar

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I’m constantly creating new content and posting interesting things including podcasts, YouTube videos about Tanakh, archaeology and history. During Covid, my virtual tours really soared, and I am now guiding virtual tours for adults every few weeks. Find out more at this link. In the past year I have been teaching homeschool kids through virtual tours in Hebrew.

I’ve produced an entire series of YouTube videos for Tanach Study called Archaeology Snapshot and a weekly podcast called Parasha Study Plus, as well as my own podcast The Artifact Podcast.

I recently started a weekly YouTube video series called "Old News: Weekly Artiact Adventures". 

Find it on my channel.

I post my content regularly on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and I manage a few WhatsApp update groups for public tours in both Hebrew and English as well as homeschool kids.

Join me on an exciting journey in the corridors of the museum!


“The Museum Guy”

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