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Virtual Tours

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Let me bring the museum and the world to you with an amazing virtual tour!

Travel to the National Museum in Tehran and meet King Darius the Great. Fly to the British Museum to see the treasures of the Persian Empire. Visit the Pharaohs in their homeland and see the pyramids along the Nile. All that and more can be found on this page. Scroll down or click here for the schedule.

Enjoy free tours and lectures

  • View a selection of free virtual tours from the past 3 years. Click here or scroll down to enjoy them.

  • Scroll all the way down or click here for my Sefer Study classes about Tanach.

This page displays the upcoming public virtual tours on Sunday evenings (Israel Day Time), and offers many tailored private programs for your community, in person and online.

To discuss private tours, please use contact form or chat with me on WhatsApp.

Stay updated on public tours:

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  • Bookmark this page for upcoming events, frequently updated.

  • Save the main calendar link for public and homeschool virtual tours.

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Free Virtual Tours for you.
Scroll through these and enjoy!