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FREE Pyramids Around the World - A Virtual Adventure (3PM English)
FREE Pyramids Around the World - A Virtual Adventure (3PM English)

Sun, Oct 22



FREE Pyramids Around the World - A Virtual Adventure (3PM English)

In this exciting virtual lesson, inspired by the Tower of Babel story from Parashat Noach, your kids will embark on a thrilling Google Earth tour to explore the mysteries of pyramids from Egypt to Mexico, Mesopotamia, and beyond.

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Time & Location

Oct 22, 2023, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


About the Event

Join us for an unforgettable journey through time as we venture into the fascinating world of pyramids, including a special focus on the Tower of Babel. This story has inspired generations and serves as a unique gateway into understanding why humans have a deep-rooted need to build colossal structures that reach for the heavens.

From the iconic Egyptian pyramids to the ziggurats of Mesopotamia, and the awe-inspiring Mesoamerican pyramids of Mexico, your kids will explore these marvels through an engaging Google Earth virtual tour. We'll also delve into the psychology behind monumental construction and the driving forces that have led various cultures to reach for the sky.

But this isn't just a tour of structures; it's an opportunity to unravel the stories behind them. We'll dive into the historical context of each civilization, considering the diverse cultures and purposes that led to the construction of these pyramid-like edifices.

More than just a travelogue, this lesson aims to nurture critical historic thinking. We'll teach your kids how historians and archaeologists carefully piece together the past. By examining the context, cultures, and timeframes in which these pyramids were built, they'll learn to discern fact from fiction in a world where claims of ancient connections and mysteries often abound.

By signing up, you're giving your kids a chance to become discerning, critical thinkers who appreciate the rich tapestry of human history. Don't miss out on this educational adventure that's perfect for kids and teens!

This tour is a FREE virtual tour for kids. And throughout the year it is part of an annual course of virtual tours for homeschool kids, on a wide range of topics.

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This is a virtual tour delivered via Zoom.

To watch it you must have an active zoom account, and please make sure you know how to use Zoom's basic features: turn on/off camera and microphone, use the chat, and rename your account so it is not generic e.g. "iPhone5".   

This tour is approximately 1 hour long, in ENGLISH with Q&A session in the end.  

After the tour, you will receive a follow-up email/WhatsApp with resources. You may also access the recording for a limited amount of time with a private link for you only.  You may register for the tour and ask for the recording only, and you may sign up for past virtual tours and watch them (for limited time). 

To find out about what virtual tours are available, please contact me directly.


  • One Family Ticket

    This is a ticket to a virtual tour, and the zoom link was sent to you when you registered and as a reminder. This ticket is ONLY for one household / screen / family. It is not for presentation on multiple screens outside of a household, nor for schools and communities.

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