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picture of my article in the Jewish Press Nov 27


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The Orthodox Conundrum

History AF

Refer to videos for more

  • Parasha Plus Study

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Articles should include links where possible, and accurate titles and dates of where I appeared

  • The Jewish Press (twice)

  • Five Towns Jewish Home

  • Ami Magazine

  • Mishpacha Magazine #738 (English)


  • Fun in Jerusalem about museums

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I've been fortunate to collaborate with and appear on other channels. Some of these appearances are a one-time occasion, several recurring, others are entire series. 

I will link to the individual episodes where there are few, and to the entire series where there are many.

  • Sefer Study (also featured on Herzog. link)

  • Shuki Reiss (Hebrew)

  • Yemei Iyun (Hebrew and English)

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